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Become an ambassador.

Help support our outreach team! Current high school students and recently graduated seniors are eligible. Recruitment will be spearheaded by the Outreach Director.


  • All ambassadors must participate in a minimum of three waves of outreach.

  • Marketing materials should be posted across personal social media platforms, group chats, relevant high school mailing lists, etc. 

  • Screenshots of outreach should be uploaded to each ambassador’s respective Google Drive folder. 

  • Ambassadors are encouraged to reference other students who may be interested. 

  • Ambassadors must attend one mandatory monthly meeting


  • Receive community service hours.

  • Help out a meaningful cause!

Application Process

  • Online Application Form: This form should take approximately 15 minutes. Responses will be viewed on a rolling basis. 

  • Interview: We will reach out to you to set up a short interview.