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One-on-One Mentorship


As part of CORE's flagship mentorship program, one-on-one mentors build and foster meaningful emotional and intellectual connections with high school mentees.


Mentor Responsibilities

Mentors are responsible for crafting mentorship sessions, creating a comfortable environment for mentees, and ensuring that they have completed assignments. Mentee wishes and needs should shape mentorships, though we highly encourage you and your mentee to use the College Guide for commonly requested content. Throughout the fall semester, you and your mentee should meet approximately every week.

Webinar Series


Through information panels, Q&A sessions, and office hours for the CORE College Guide, panelists provide college advice to many students at once. 

Panelist Responsibilities

Panelist responsibilities vary from volunteer to volunteer, but they include at least one of the following: preparing content for panels, answering questions at Q&A sessions, and helping students at College Guide office hours. Though the CORE admin team will organize and gather students for webinars, you are responsible for preparing the actual webinar content, which may be based on the College Guide!

Interested in Leadership?

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