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Fall 2020 Webinar Series Schedule

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Week of 9/20 - 9/26

Kickoff Q&A (09/20 from 4-5 pm)

The College Essay: How to Tackle the Personal Essay

Common App: General Questions about Navigating the Common Application,

Writing your Brag Sheets, Requesting Letters of Recommendation, and more!

Week of 9/27 - 10/03

Research: Deciding Where to Apply

Essay Writing: How to Tackle Supplementals, “Why X college”, and more!

Week of 10/04 - 10/10

Scheduling: How to Stay On Top of Deadlines 

Applying Early: The What, When, Why, and How of Applying Early (ED vs. EA)

Week of 10/11 - 10/17 

Interviewing: Walking into Your College Interviews 

Affording College: General Questions about Finding and Applying to

Scholarships, Navigating Financial Aid/FAFSA, and more!

Week of 10/18-10/31

Reserved for office hours and Q&A’s

Week of 11/08 - 11/14

Next Steps: So You Got Rejected/Deferred

Picking Colleges: What School Is Right For You?

College Experience: General Questions on our College Experience